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Spring Tune-Up: Get Your ZZZZZ’s

Spring time is a good time to adopt a healthy new habit such as getting more sleep. Researchers have found that you can’t ‘catch up’ on lost zzz’s. Failing to get a good night’s sleep kills brain cells, which you can’t get back. In this podcast, Lisa talks about the dangers of lack of sleep, and offers tips for how you can get a better night’s rest.

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Covering Hollywood Red Carpet Events

Hollywood stars shine their brightest while walking the red carpet at a movie premiere or big awards show such as the Golden Globe, Emmy’s or Academy Awards.   Find out what it’s like to photograph Hollywood’s A-Listers from behind the velvet ropes. Celebrity photographer Lee Roth of Roth Stock Digital Media describes a day in the life of a […]

Hollywood-Woo Woo: Use your Intuition to Succeed in Show Biz

How to use your intuition to break into show biz you could try this out.  Lisa talks with Gene Cordes, a talent coach who is also psychic. Gene shares tips for how to become a better performer & move ahead in your career in the entertainment industry by listening to your inner voice.