Make every Moment Count: Brand your Business with Marketing On-Hold

on hold modelIt’s harder than ever to hold a person’s attention in today’s hectic, digitized world.  A recent headline in TIME proclaimed “You Now Have a Shorter Attention Span than a Goldfish.” Ouch! Goldfish can only focus for about nine seconds.

Why not turn the few extra seconds you have with your clients and prospects into a powerful branding opportunity? You can accomplish this with a well-written and professionally-produced marketing on-hold message.

What do your callers hear on-hold now? The radio? Your competitors’ commercials? Dead air? A professional marketing on hold message is an economical way to showcase your products and services.

Your clients may not be familiar with all of the things you can do for them. This is your chance to inform them, in bite-sized increments, while they are waiting to talk to you. Plus, research has found that callers are much more likely to remain on the line if they have something to listen to rather than silence.

I’ve spent most of my career as a radio broadcaster anchoring newscasts in Los Angeles. When I’m not on the air, I’m creating powerful marketing on-hold messages for clients across North America. Over the years, my voice has appeared in some unusual places; from fax machines and kiosks, to large phone systems. My voice also announces all the stops on a major Southern California bus line.

Let’s explore how I could help you use the precious time you have with callers to brand your business and boost your bottom line.  A marketing on-hold message is also a great way to let callers know where to find you on the Web and social media, or at the next industry trade show.

Let’s talk! You can email me here or call 310-980-3180.

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message on hold ad_200greenWhat Lisa’s clients are saying

“Lisa is not only a professional who is very good at what she does but also a very caring person. With Lisa’s help, my company’s first impression from the client’s contact have been highly upgraded. I am very happy with Lisa’s quality work and would like to recommend.”

~ Edward Kim
President, Precision Lending Group, Inc.


“One simply cannot do better than to hire Lisa Osborn for any project involving audio production, podcasting, professional announcing or production of voiceover or message-on-hold projects. I’ve hired Lisa for our own projects (she has been the voice on our voicemail system for years), as well as subcontracted her to provide services for clients. The results have all been uniformly outstanding – not just good, outstanding.

She is a talented writer and the kind of one-take pro that one would expect from someone who has been live on-air talent at so many stations throughout the Southland and syndicated around the nation. The extra bonuses are that she is also way ahead of the curve in technology and a nationally recognized leader in her field. Plus, she’s rapid-fire responsive, a complete pro and a pleasure to work with.”

Michael Terpin
CEO, Transform Group; Chairman, BitAngels; Founder, Marketwire