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Making Every Moment Count

Are you looking to improve your life? Feel free to go all out. Research out of UC Santa Barbara finds that it’s easier to make improvements to your life simultaneously rather than one at a time.

Michael Mrazek, director of research at UCSB’s Center for Mindfulness and Human Potential, conducted the study in which participants were encouraged to eat healthy/whole foods, get a good night’s sleep, do yoga or other forms of exercise and practice ‘mindfulness.’

“The fundamental skills of mindfulness are the ability to tend to something and release distractions that arise,” instructed Mrazak. “In any task that you choose to engage with, try to engage fully with that task.”

Mrazek says the combination of eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep and practicing mindfulness is very powerful when it comes to making changes in your life. “Mindfulness is easier to cultivate if you are well-rested.”

The results were remarkable. Participants noticed positive changes in their lives, along with a a dramatic increase in self esteem.

“Everybody found their own value… se puede comprar viagra sin receta medica. everyone also left with some unique benefits and some unique strategies,” said Mrazek.

The Buddy System

If you are very serious about making a big change in your life, it’s best to not do it alone.

“Both a buddy and a coach can be invaluable when you’re trying to change your life,” said Mrazek.

Are you ready to become the person you dream of being? There’s no time like the present.

“Every moment counts,” said Mrazek “because we chose to help people in so many different dimensions in their lives, they were capturing every opportunity available in every moment to move their lives forward.”

Read more on Mrazek’s research in the UC Santa Barbara Current

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Make every Moment Count: Brand your Business with Marketing On-Hold

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Powerful LinkedIn Strategies

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How to Find a Job or get More Business using LinkedIn
“LinkedIn has revolutionized the job search process,” says LinkedIn expert Linda Kempin. In this podcast, Kempin offers tips for revving up your LinkedIn profile to make you more visible to career recruiters. She also explains how you can harness the power of your LinkedIn network to land a job or increase business.

Build a LinkedIn Company Page for your Business!
A LinkedIn Company Page is a free & easy way to promote your business. LinkedIn expert Linda Kempin explains why you will be more visible on the Web with a LinkedIn Company Page, and how you can easily create one for your business.

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Are you hiding your talent in plain sight? In today’s social media world, you shouldn’t be.  Digital marketing executive and LinkedIn consultant Linda Kempin shares tips for creating a powerful LinkedIn profile.  Find out: 

  • How a powerful headline can attract more prospective customers, recruiters and business partners 
  • How to make your LinkedIn profile show up more often in keyword searches
  • Why you need a profile photo and how the correct one can make you more approachable

“Are you Hiding your Talent in Plain Sight” is a recurring series on Lisa.FM.  Visit Lisa.FM often to learn more from digital marketing executive and LinkedIn expert Linda Kempin.

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