What’s Your Card?

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Gaining a better understanding of yourself & others is as easy as Playing Cards!

Destiny Cards is based on an ancient science blending astrology, numbers and the deck of 52 ‘playing cards.’  You have a personal ‘card’ in the deck of 52 based on the day and month you were born.

All you need is someone’s birthday (day/month, not year!) to find out their card.  You can use Destiny Cards to:

♣  Gain a better understanding of yourself & others

  Discover the true nature of your relationships

 Tap-into hidden talents and abilities for success
Destiny Cards, blending astrology numbers and the deck of 52 'playing' cards

 Identify upcoming success cycles: Career, Romance, Health


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AOL Jobs featured Lisa in a story titled “Your Career is in the Cards (of Destiny).”  Click here to read the story.

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International Association of Cardology