Lisa.FM Thrive! Podcast

I’m super happy to share with you my latest podcasting venture.  Lisa.FM Thrive! covers all aspects of health, wellness and personal development

Doctors and other experts share the latest research along with tips for living your best life – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. On Thrive! you’ll hear ideas on improving your life, from overall physical wellness, to letting go of old worn-out beliefs and emotions, to reducing stress, pain and other persistent struggles related to living in in today’s fast-paced world.

If you are a doctor or expert with tips for living a better life, please contact me (especially if you are located in the Santa Barbara area) about being a guest on Lisa.FM Thrive!




Santa Barbara Poetry Celebration
The poetry world is blooming in Santa Barbara. Listen to my interview with Gunpowder Press publishers Chryss Yost and David Starkey. You’ll also be treated to some of the poems from Rare Feathers, Poems on Birds and Art, read by the poets who wrote them. Read more in my blog post

Essential Oils for Setting Goals
Help make those New Year resolutions stick by using essential oils to reinforce your goals. My Young Living Essential Oils mentor, Carla Cohen, joins me to share the best essential oils for goal setting. Learn more about these medical-grade essential oils at

Power of a Good Night’s Sleep
Getting enough sleep every night can make a big difference in the way you feel in the daytime. It is also critical to maintaining good overall health. But, whey are so many Americans not getting the sleep they need? Dr. Helene Emsellum explains this, as well as what can go wrong when you don’t get enough sleep, and how much you and everyone in your family needs to enjoy optimum health. Read details in my Lisa.FM Blog Post.

Outsmarting Alzheimer’s
Many of us have had the heartbreak of seeing a loved one suffer with Alzheimer’s Disease. The good news is, there are things each of us can do to help delay the onset of the disease. Dr. Kenneth Kosik, Harriman professor of Neuroscience at UC Santa Barbara, is author of the book ‘Outsmarting Alzheimer’s.’ In this podcast, Dr. Kosik offers insights into the disease, as well as things you can do to help keep your brain healthy. Learn more in my Blog Post

Helping Dogs Healed her Heart
Meet a woman whose passion for helping dogs at Santa Barbara’s DAWG shelter helped her heal after she lost her entire family. Read more about Rebecca & DAWG in my story

Healing Emotional Pain
Grief, Despair, Depression and Shame are all aspects of emotional pain. And this kind of pain is a part of daily life for a lot of people. But, it is possible to release these emotions and start to heal. Dr. Ken Pfeiffer, a Santa Barbara-based psychologist and pain expert, offers these tips to move toward healing.

Does America really need a ‘War on Drugs?’ 
Portugal has taken the opposite approach to dealing with its citizens’ drug problems: Decriminalization.  Gary Rosenfeld, a Santa Barbara based drug & alcohol counseling student, traveled to Portugal to speak with a government health official about what they have learned over the 15 years that this innovative drug policy has been in effect, and how it’s working.

Exploring “Unintended Consequences”
That’s the name of a new exhibition at the Santa Barbara Arts Fund Gallery.  Charles Donelan with the SB Independent is guest curator. He takes us on a ‘sneak-peek tour’ in this podcast. Learn more – read my blog post

Pain & Responsibility
Can being overly-responsible be giving you an aching back? Pain relief expert Dr. Ken Pfeiffer says it can! In this podcast, Dr. Pfeiffer explains that many aches and pains are caused by the emotions fear or anger. Read more in my blog post.

Adding Aromatherapy & Essential Oils to your Life
I’ve been enjoying the delicious scents and benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils for years. They’ve helped me in many ways, from getting a better night’s rest, to easing neck pain, to drying up allergies, to smoother skin, and better digestion.  In this podcast, I share some easy ways to incorporate essential oils into your daily life. Read more in my blog post.


The Miracle of Mindfulness
Zen Mommy Michiko Rolek and her daughter, Grace, share the “Blackboard Technique,” how to use your ‘mental eraser’ to easily sweep your mind clear of clutter. (note: this is a ‘throwback’ podcast, Grace is now a teenager, still working as an actor for TV and film)


DARE to be 100! Keys to Living Well
At age 85, Dr. Walter Bortz still runs half marathons, writes books and a weekly blog and is showing no signs of slowing down. The clinical professor of medicine at Stanford University and author of “DARE to be 100” and several other books talks to me about the importance of “Attitude” and “Renewal” in living a long and happy life.


Practical Intuition
Tune up your sixth sense with these easy tips from bestselling author Laura Day, author of “Practical Intuition” and other books.


Famous Fashion Designer invents an innovative approach to integrative healing
Who knew healing could feel so good! Discover “Urban Zen,” a gentle yoga-style technique created by designer Donna Karan with the help of internationally-recognized yoga instructor Rodney Yee. I spoke with Hazel Patterson, a Los Angeles based yoga instructor and Urban Zen teacher and trainer so you can find out what Urban Zen is all about. Be sure to stay tuned as Hazel offers you a simple, 30 second, breathing technique you can do anytime to relax and de-stress.


Finding Peace & Harmony
My chat with intuitive counselor Lexa Finley who walks you through a simple 3-step process which can help you learn to live ‘in the moment.’