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Doctor talks weight loss surgery dangers

A lot of overweight people are taking drastic steps to reduce their size and shape, and many in the medical community are happy to perform gastric bypass and other types of stomach-shrinking Bariatric surgeries. But <a href="http://www.walterbortz wikipedia reference.com” target=”_blank”>Dr. Walter Bortz, clinical professor of medicine at Stanford University, accuses the doctors who perform these weight loss procedures of malpractice. This doctor, whose family business is medicine, says he’s embarrassed by his profession. He prefers his patients to lose weight and keep fit the traditional way.

In this podcast, Dr. Bortz offers a healthy alternative to weigh loss surgeries. He also shares his experience of running in the Boston Marathon the day a pair of pressure cooker bombs exploded on the route and spending his 51st birthday with natives in the Kalahari Desert – in which he was given a birthday wish that prompted him to ask for clarification.

Dr. Bortz is the author of several books including The Roadmap to 100: The Breakthrough Science to Living a Long and Happy Life.