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Building a Beautiful Smile

“When you feel good about your smile, don’t you feel better about yourself?”  Of course! So, what does it take to have a beautiful smile if you weren’t born with one?

Dr. Christopher B. Marchack of Pasadena Prosthodontics said there’s not ‘cookbook’ remedy for improving a smile. “It’s up to each individual to determine what’s right for them.”

In this podcast episode, Dr Chris weighs-in on the various options available for improving smiles, from whitening products and teeth-straightening techniques, to replacing old fillings and choosing the dentist that’s right for you.

On teeth whitening, he says some over the counter products can be helpful (“Crest White Strips” can work, while whitening toothpastes do not).  He offers his patients in-office whitening sessions.

“Whitening usually occurs in 90 minutes, and can be touched up once a year. “I don’t want to overdo anything… I’m a believer in balance.”

Dr. Chris, and his father, Dr. Baldwin W. Marchack, have had a dental practice in Southern California for decades. Dentists from around the world come to their headquarters in Pasadena to be trained in the latest techniques and technologies.

As a prosthodontist, Dr. Chris considers himself a general contractor – or ‘architect of the mouth.’ When choosing a dentist, he suggests interviewing prospective candidates, ask to see photographs of their work and learn about their background.

Because of his specialty, Dr. Chris sees many patients who are looking for a second opinion.  And, acting as a ‘general contractor of the mouth,’ he works with other dental professionals to assist his patients in achieving healthy, beautiful smiles.

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So, what about those old silver fillings you have had since you were a kid, should you keep them?

“Based on studies by the American Dental Association, there is no issue with amalgam fillings,” said Dr. Chris. Unless they are breaking down, he says there’s no need to replace them. However, he added, if it’s for cosmetic purposes, there’s no harm in changing them out.

Old fillings can be replaced using porcelain or composite resin. Although it’s more expensive, Dr. Chris recommends porcelain – especially on larger fillings – because it’s a stronger material.

The speed in which your smile can be made-over depends on your dental health. It’s important to first take care of any cavities or periodontal disease or infection which could be causing problems in the mouth.

To learn more about building a beautiful smile, and how good dental hygiene practice can improve your overall health, subscribe to this podcast on iTunes or your favorite podcast directory. Dr. Chris will be back for more episodes, describing the link between a healthy mouth and healthy body.

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