What people are saying about Lisa & her work

Michael Terpin
CEO, Transform Group (Transform PR, SocialRadius); Chairman, BitAngels; Founder, Marketwire

“One simply cannot do better than to hire Lisa Osborn for any project involving audio production, podcasting, professional announcing or production of voiceover or message-on-hold projects. I’ve hired Lisa for our own projects (she has been the voice on our voicemail system for years), as well as subcontracted her to provide services for clients. The results have all been uniformly outstanding – not just good, outstanding.

She is a talented writer and the kind of one-take pro that one would expect from someone who has been live on-air talent at so many stations throughout the Southland and syndicated around the nation. The extra bonuses are that she is also way ahead of the curve in technology and a nationally recognized leader in her field. Plus, she’s rapid-fire responsive, a complete pro and a pleasure to work with.”


Edward Kim
President, Precision Lending Group, Inc.

“Lisa is not only a professional who is very good at what she does but also a very caring person. With Lisa’s help, my company’s first impression from the client’s contact have been highly upgraded. I am very happy with Lisa’s quality work and would like to recommend.”


Carolyn Branson
Talk Media Producer at KFWB Los Angeles

“Lisa Osborn is quite literally the most supportive, team-playing, game-for-it co-worker I have ever encountered. She is very entreprenuerial in spirit and always has offers for work coming in. In addition, Lisa uses her social media experience and savvy to help her employers improve their website performance. I was proud to use her voice over skills for a radio special on KFWB afternoon drive news. Lastly, any time she sees something that she thinks would be useful information for someone, she shares it.”


Neal Graffy
Santa Barbara Historian, Author

“Just got another call from a friend who listened to your earthquake piece and LOVED it. He’d never heard of the song and thought it was cool that started with it and ended with it. Oh yeah, he said I was okay too. Ha ha! Great job, of piecing that all together Lisa. That was a fun interview. Anytime you want me to yack about SB History, just give a call. Thank you!!!! “


Joyce Schwarz
Startup Launch Expert, business development, bestselling author and speaker

“I’ve known Lisa for more than a decade. She was one of the early true believers and first radio talk show hosts covering new media. Lisa is savvy, gracious and understands how to target the consumer and business audiences. She has boundless enthusiasm and optimism which is always welcome!”


Bob Allen Manfredo
Voice Talent & Radio Personality (worked with Lisa at Dial Global Networks)

“Lisa is a fresh, bubbly co-worker who I really enjoyed working with. Great communicator with people both on and off-air!”


Victoria Alberty-deGoede
HB Website Design / The Local HB

“Lisa definitely knows her stuff. Her show is refreshing and informative. Definitely worth giving a ‘listen’.”