Lisa.FM Thrive! covers all aspects of health & wellness as well as personal development. You’ll hear from doctors, holistic health practitioners and others about how to go from merely living to thriving.

Topics covered include managing stress, oral-systemic health, integrative medicine, the power of a good night’s sleep, tummy tune-up, as well as the power of positive thinking, essential oils, aromatherapy, anti-aging techniques, mindfulness, natural remedies, and reducing toxins in your environment.


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Welcome to Lisa.FM Thrive!

Hosted by radio personality, Lisa Osborn, this podcast is based in Santa Barbara, California. So, along with experts in the health, wellness and personal development fields, you will also hear from some local artists, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and others who are living their passions, which will ideally help inspire you to go for your dreams.

Revolutionize Good Health in the Year of the Fire Rooster
The Lunar New Year is a powerful time to set goals to revolutionize your good health. In this podcast I share two health supplements from Young Living that I use daily – “Life 9,” a powerful probiotic, and “NingXia Red,” a tangy-sweet Wolfberry juice drink. These products can build a foundation of good health for you and your family.

Ancient Oils Inspire Peace, Joy, Love
Essential oils, the most pure form of plants and flowers, have been used since ancient times. From medicinal remedies to religious rituals, oils such as Frankincense, Myrrh and Sandalwood were considered more valuable than gold. In this podcast, learn more about an essential oil blend called 3 Wise Men, from Young Living.

Facts about Fragrance
I came across a fascinating fact the other day – that inhaling the scent of rose oil can eliminate stress in under 30 seconds! Our sense of smell is very powerful, and I am a fan of pure essential oils including rose oil, so it makes sense to me. In this podcast I share with you the power of using pure essential oils from Young Living to freshen up your living environment. And, also warn of the potential dangers lurking in over the counter room fresheners and other synthetic fragrances. Click here for more info on Young Living Essential Oils and how to order your Premium Starter Kit.

Essential Oils help Fortify Health during Cold & Flu Season
It’s barely Autumn, and it sure seems as if cold & flu season arrived early this year. I’ve been using Young Living Essential Oils products to keep from getting the bugs that have been going around the radio station where I work. In this podcast, I share with you how to use two Young Living essential oils blends, “Thieves” and “Purification,” to support good health and eliminate germs year-round. Click to Read More

Sudden Personality Change: An Alzheimer’s Early Warning Sign?
A recent story in the New York Times suggested that abrupt changes in personality may be early warning signs for Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Kenneth Kosik, co-director of the Neuroscience Research Institute at UC Santa Barbara offers his opinions and insights.

DARE to be 100: Keys to Living Well
At age 85, Dr. Walter Bortz still runs half marathons, writes books and a weekly blog and is showing no signs of slowing down. The clinical professor of medicine at Stanford University and author of “DARE to be 100” and several other books talks to me about the importance of “Attitude” and “Renewal” in living a long and happy life. In this podcast you’ll also find out why ‘Engagement’ is his magic word to aging gracefully, and why he’s embarrassed by his (medical) profession.

Mindfulness Matters: Befriend Your Own Goodness
Is it time to stop being so hard on yourself! So many of us can often be – hard on ourselves. My guest in this podcast, Lalli Dana Drobny invites you to befriend your own goodness through practicing mindfulness.

Advances in Autism
Autism – it’s an all-to-common diagnosis for children on the Central Coast and across the country. But, treatment for the disease has come a long way in the past 50 years. One of the most effective modern therapies for Autism was developed at the UC Santa Barbara Koegel Autism Center. I spoke with one of the center’s founders, Dr. Lynn Koegel, to find out more about the Pivotal Response Treatment therapy she and her husband, Dr. Robert Koegel, developed during their 30 years of working in the field.

Managing Anxiety in Stressful Times
With the nastiest-ever political race for the U.S. presidency battle underway, along with attacks on places where people like to go to unwind, it can be hard to maintain peace and equanimity. Psychotherapist, John Tsilimparis, MFT, offers tips for reducing stress in tense times, and how to spot possible warning signs of depression, suicidal thoughts and anxiety.

Facing Fear & Forgiveness
Holding a grudge only hurts yourself. But, how can you let go of old anger, or fear? Hypnotherapist Nancy Segal shares tips for how to release old wounds and live a happier life.

Sweet Healing: A Whole Health Journey
More than 29 million Americans are living with diabetes. This number is expected to rise, and many more people aren’t even aware that they have the disease. In this episode of Lisa.FM Thrive, Michael Bedar, author of the novel, “Sweet Healing: A Whole Health Journey,” explains the dramatic rise in diabetes, obesity and other health problems in America is linked to “the 20 year rule.” That’s the amount of time that has passed since highly-processed foods arrived on store shelves.

Pain-Free Public Speaking
If the idea of speaking in public makes you feel queasy, you’re not alone. Public speaking tops the list of fears for many people. Certified hypnotist & author Nancy Seagal shares tips for keeping “CALM” while presenting in public, including an idea for feeling less intimidated in front of an audience, and how to quiet your inner critic.

Your Mouth: Gateway to Good Health
The link between your mouth and overall health is becoming more evident. Developing a good routine of brushing, flossing and seeing your dentist regularly can help you maintain good health into your sunset years. Dr. Chris Marchack of Pasadena Prosthodontics describes oral systemic health, and the link between periodontal disease and other health conditions, from stroke and heart attack to infertility.

Bobbi Gibb: First Female Boston Marathon Runner Makes History
Bobbi Gibb, the first woman to ever run in the Boston Marathon, back when women weren’t allowed to enter the race, shares her story on the 50th anniversary of her historic run.

Surviving Allergy Season
It seems like allergy season gets longer every year. Whether it’s foods or the environment, a lot of people are suffering from allergies. In this episode of Lisa.FM Thrive!, Dr. Jacob Offenberger, allergist and specialist with Dignity Health Northridge Hospital talks about the latest trends in caring for allergy sufferers.

Building a Beautiful Smile
A smile is a sign of friendliness that’s understood in any language. What can you do if you were not born with a beautiful smile but would like to improve yours? In this episode, Dr. Christopher Marchack with Pasadena Prosthodontics offers options for what you could do to improve your smile, as well as tips for how to find a dentist that’s right for you.

Making Every Moment Count
Are you looking to improve your life? Feel free to go all out. Research out of UC Santa Barbara finds that it’s easier to make improvements to your life simultaneously rather than one at a time. Michael Mrazek, director of research at UCSB’s Center for Mindfulness and Human Potential, conducted the study. Click the link below to listen to what he discovered. And, click here to read the blog post.

America’s Diabetes Epidemic
Research out of UCLA recently revealed that more than half of all adults in California have either pre-diabetes or diabetes that hasn’t been diagnosed. In this podcast you’ll hear about the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, who is more at risk, and what pregnant women should know about diabetes. My guest is Ellen Goodstein, executive director of the William Sansum Diabetes Center in Santa Barbara, California.

Overcoming Trauma & Setting Healthy Boundries
Meeting the demands of daily life can be overwhelming. Developing healthy boundaries – physical and energetic – can help you reduce stress and feel more in control. In this podcast, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) Brian D. Mahan explains why it’s hard for many people to set clear boundaries (because most of us didn’t learn how in childhood).

Pain & Responsibility
Can being overly-responsible be giving you an aching back?  Pain relief expert Dr. Ken Pfeiffer says it can! In this podcast, Dr. Pfeiffer explains that many aches and pains are caused by the emotions fear or anger.

Love, Sex & Relationship Dreams
Have you ever awakened from a dream that was so steamy that you wanted to go back to sleep? Dreams expert Kelly Sullivan Walden offers insight in this Lisa.FM Thrive! podcast.

Doctor’s Near Death Experience (NDE) Offers “Proof of Heaven
Many people have described having near death experiences (NDE), and so has neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander. After coming down with a mysterious illness, he spent a week in a coma, his mind on an odyssey in between worlds.  In his bestselling books, “Proof of Heaven” and “Map of Heaven,” Dr. Alexander describes what he experienced, and what he learned about the mind, and consciousness, while he was in a hospital bed unconscious.  I caught up with Dr. Alexander at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles, and he shares his experience and what he learned in this episode of Lisa.FM Thrive!

Minding the Mind
The Monkey Mind: That endless stream of troubling thoughts or other distracting chatter can zap confidence, preventing a person from focusing on what is truly important. But, with a little mindfulness, the monkey can be tamed. Santa Barbara mindfulness teacher, Lalla Dana Drobny, walks you through some simple exercises and describes the benefits of being ‘in the moment.’ Read more in my blog post here.

Heroin & Painkillers
An addict & an addiction expert take you inside an American epidemic. Read more in my Libsyn blog post/podcast

Met Your Romantic Match
Valentine’s Day can be a good time to meet a new beau. In my podcast with Lisa Amador of Santa Barbara Matchmaking, she shares tips for how to be successful in your search for true love whether you are trying online dating or a more traditional approach. You may be surprised to learn what she says her biggest challenge is as a dating coach! Read more in my blog post

Practical Intuition with Laura Day
Best-selling author Laura Day explains how to use intuition as a resource to help create your best life. Day doesn’t like the word ‘psychic’ to describe her work. She says everyone is intuitive and, when taught how to ‘tune-in’ to our intuition, it can be used to help achieve goals and make better decisions. While listening to this podcast, pick a personal goal and she will walk you through the steps toward achieving it.

Everyday Fitness
Think it’s hard to get fit, lose weight and eat healthy? Maybe you’re being too hard on yourself. Celebrity fitness instructor Lanré Idewu suggests working more activity into your day naturally. In this podcast, Lanré explains why strict diets don’t always work, how you can easily add more activity into a busy day, and the affects the stress hormone cortisol could have on your body.

12 Steps: A Path to Recovery
Anyone who has attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting has likely heard of the ’12 Steps.” Today, many self-help groups are using modified versions of this spiritual program as a healing tool. In this podcast, a psychologist walks you through the 12 Steps and explains why play an important role in recovery.  Read more in my blog post

Create Meaningful Rituals
A new year seems like a logical time for making a fresh start. I thought why not do a podcast about reinforcing a new year’s resolution or goal with ritual? So, I turned to one of my favorite yoga instructors to walk you and me through this process. I’d imagined she would suggest doing something spiritual like lighting a candle and gazing at a crystal cluster in a meditative state.  But, I was wrong. Click the link below to listen to her advice. She also brought up a thought provoking question: “Is the busyness of your life a ritual?” Read more my blog post

Manage Stress with Essential Oils
It’s probably not realistic to eliminate all stress from daily life, so the key is how well can you manage it? Yoga and other forms of routine exercise can work wonders. Essential oils can also be an effective tool for helping to promote a feeling of peace and calm. Read more in my blog post.

The Power of Sleep
You might consider getting seven hours of sleep each night a luxury, but your body probably needs at least this much to function properly. In this podcast, a leading sleep doctor explains how getting a good night’s rest can help you maintain a normal body weight, balance hormones and more. Read more in my blog post. 

The New “I Do”
Christmas is the time of year when a lot of couples tend to get engaged. A new study out of UC Santa Barbara takes a closer look at the economics of tying the knot to determine who is most likely to say ‘I Do.’ Economist & demographer Shelly Lundberg, UCSB’s Leonard Broom Professor of Demography, conducted the study based on previously published research with economist Robert Pollak of Washington University. Read more here

An Answer to Too Much Sitting
Now that sitting has been deemed ‘the new smoking’ more people are becoming aware of the potential health hazard of being too sedentary. Santa Barbara entrepreneur Joel Heath has come up with a solution. His company, Fluidstance, created a board that workers stand on. Now we can get a workout while working!

Essential Oils for Setting Goals
Help make those New Year resolutions stick by using essential oils to reinforce your goals. My Young Living Essential Oils mentor, Carla Cohen, joins me to share the best essential oils for goal setting. Read more here and, to learn more about these pure natural essences, go to AromaThrive.com

Healing Emotional Pain
Grief, Despair, Depression and Shame are all aspects of emotional pain. And this kind of pain is a part of daily life for a lot of people. But, it is possible to release these emotions and start to heal. Dr. Ken Pfeiffer, a Santa Barbara-based psychologist and pain expert, offers these tips to move toward healing.

Outsmarting Alzheimer’s
Many of us have had the heartbreak of seeing a loved one suffer with Alzheimer’s Disease. The good news is, there are things each of us can do to help delay the onset of the disease. Dr. Kenneth Kosik, Harriman professor of Neuroscience at UC Santa Barbara, is author of the book ‘Outsmarting Alzheimer’s.’ In this podcast, Dr. Kosik offers insights into the disease, as well as things you can do to help keep your brain healthy. Learn more in my Blog Post

Santa Barbara Poetry Celebration
The poetry world is blooming in Santa Barbara. Listen to my interview with Gunpowder Press publishers Chryss Yost and David Starkey. You’ll also be treated to some of the poems from Rare Feathers, Poems on Birds and Art, read by the poets who wrote them. Read more in my blog post

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Young Living Lavender Essential Oil can be used to help you get a better night's sleep.

Lavender Essential Oil can be used to help you get a better night’s sleep.

Essential Oils Tip: Lisa’s favorite natural relaxation remedy is Young Living Lavender Essential Oil. “Dab a few drops into your palm, rub your hands together and inhale. Lavender Oil is known as the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of essential oils, because it’s so versatile.”


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