Winter Health Survival Guide

I have a secret weapon when it comes to staying healthy during cold & flu season.  Working at a community radio station with college students, I need one!

Colds, flu, bronchitis and strep throat are just some of the icky stuff that’s circulating in my work environment. So – at first sign of sore throat or low energy, I get out the Thieves, and other Young Living Essential Oils products. Thieves is an ancient blend containing clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus and rosemary. It’s been used to help ward off disease and illness for centuries.

A drop or two of Thieves essential oil in hot water, tea, or ‘neat’ (a drop in your mouth), can assist you in maintaining good health even when those around you are sick. Thieves, along with extra rest and eating healthy foods offer strong protection against getting sick during cold & flu season. I’m also keeping a bottle of Thieves spray in my purse – to spritz down work surfaces and my hands.

Here are three simple steps toward promoting good health during cold & flu season and beyond:

  1. Choose a premium starter kit from Young Living: The Thieves Premium Starter Kit comes with an array of Thieves-infused home, health and cleaning products, as well as Thieves oil; You will also receive Thieves oil with any of the other YL Premium Starter Kits with home diffuser, which comes with 10 other essential oils including Frankincense and peppermint (a wonderful way to purify & keep your living environment smelling great).
  2.  Join the Young Living “Essential Rewards” program, you will enjoy deeper savings on your products, plus earn points to redeem for more products.  Begin swapping out the products you normally use with Young Living products, including soaps, body lotions, shampoo, face creams, cleaning products, all infused with pure essential oils.
  3. When you enroll, please use my Sponsor/Enroller ID number #1734225 and I’ll send you a list of the Young Living products I use everyday – and those that I can’t live without.

In today’s world of flu, colds and super-bugs – it’s more important than ever to take an active role in wellness for you and your family. I strongly recommend exploring the world of Young Living to get started on the path to overall wellness. Would you like to know more? Email me at (Lisa at Lisa.FM) so we can arrange a time to talk!

Explore more at my site or (Please, be sure to use my sponsor/enroller ID #1734225 when ordering!).